How could a Social Media Manager help your business?

Social media is a key activity for most businesses. It drives awareness, engagement and can ultimately lead to sales. And as social media has grown as a channel for communicating with customers, so too has the number of people with Social Media Manager in their job title.

I wrote recently about how to decide if your business needs a social media manager and how to find a good one but what will a social media manager do for your business?

What does a Social Media Manager do?

The answer to this question depends on the type of Social Media Manager you decide to work with. At one end of the spectrum is the intern or office junior and at the other, the very qualified and highly experienced marketing professional. The scope of the work, the price you pay and the quality you can expect will all be determined by this.
From the outset, you will need to set expectations and agree exactly what your social media manager will – and won’t – deliver but here is some general guidance to help your thinking.

What they will do?

  • Develop and Implement your business’ social media strategy and campaign
  • Tell your brand story in a way which is interesting and engaging to your customers and in your tone of voice
  • Manage your social media platforms. They will post at an optimal frequency with the right mix of content.
  • Create a social media calendar, curate content and create some of it too
  • Measure, monitor and make refinements to the strategy or campaign as it progresses. A good social media manager will continually reflect on what is working and what isn’t and adapt the strategy accordingly. They’ll report against key metrics to keep you informed of progress and performance, as well as recommending new tactics to move forwards with.
  • Social Media Listening. They’ll use social media to understand what customers are saying about your business, your competitors or industry online. They’ll help you understand your customers’ experiences, their pain points and unmet needs so you can stay on top of addressing them
  • Communicate social media trends. Social media moves on quickly and a Social Media Manager will keep abreast of what’s happening, share relevant learnings and highlight to you the things which could impact your business
  • Manage a budget for social media advertising assuming you have one (and for a platform such as Facebook, it really is worth considering)
  • Handle customer services through these channels, though this will likely depend on the volume of queries and whether they require a ‘round the clock’ response

What they might also do

A great Social Media Manager will likely be able to draw on wider experience, perhaps as an expert in marketing, communications or all things digital. As well as social media management, they may be able to offer content creation, develop e-mail marketing campaigns or support your marketing efforts more generally. Whether you can expect this or not depends very much on the Social Media Manager you choose to work with and the agreement you make. Have this discussion up front but make it an ongoing conversation too. Chances are they’ll have some familiarity with what you are trying to do and, if they can’t do something themselves, they’ll be able to introduce you to someone who can.